Karungali 108 Beads Mala (Ebony Wood)

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Karungali Mala is crafted from original ebony wood and has a smooth finish. Its round 108 beads are all connected with thread, giving it a sleek, strong construction. This mala is perfect for daily and special occasion wear, adding a touch of style in classic black.

Unlock the Power of Karungali in Your Life! 🌟

Karungali, also known as Black Turmeric or Black Kasthuri, is more than just a root—it's a symbol of transformation, protection, and prosperity. Here's how it can add a touch of magic to your life:

🛡️ Protection: Karungali creates a radiant shield against negativity, ensuring your well-being and warding off harm.

🌟 Spirituality: Elevate your spiritual practices with Karungali. It enhances the energy of sacred spaces and rituals, inviting blessings and protection.

🌌 Astrology: Balancing the energy of Mars, Karungali offers astrological remedies, turning challenges into opportunities.

🌼 Stress Relief: Karungali Mala beads provide calm and tranquility, easing stress and promoting well-being.

📚 Academic Enhancement: Boost your memory and intellect with Karungali, helping you excel in your academic pursuits.

💰 Financial Prosperity: Partnered with gemstones like Citrine and Tiger's Eye, Karungali attracts wealth and guides you to financial success.

💪 Inner Strength: Karungali ignites inner fire, boosting confidence and courage to conquer life's challenges.

Elevate your life with Karungali and experience the transformative power of tradition, spirituality, and prosperity.


 It is created with round beads and connected with thread.

  • Item Type: Mala
  • Bead Size: 6mm, 8mm (108 beads)
  • Length: 6mm - 22inches , 8mm - 30 inches
  • Bead Type: Ebony wood bead
  • Gender: Unisex

How to Care for Your Karungali Mala

To keep your Karungali mala looking its best, it is important to care for them properly. Here are a few tips:

  • Avoid getting it wet for long periods.
  • If it does get wet, dry it immediately.
  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight or heat.
  • Do not store it in a humid environment.

With proper care, your Karungali Mala will last for many years.

Package Includes

  1. Karungali Mala
  2. Detail card
  3. DREAM card
  4. jewelry box
  5. Pouch 
  6. wiping cloth

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