About us



We warmly welcome you to Ceylon Kings. We create premium grade jewelries. All our designs are aligned with universal powers and finest craftsmanship. Unpretentious stones and Guaranteed products with higher quality service is our key to success.



Founded in 2018, by Nilushi Hewavitharana (B.Sc.Hons-Bio Science) and Anuk Mendis (B.Sc.Hons-Engineering); Ceylon Kings has come a long way, while creating blessed lives to many people. We have launched a company in USA due to higher customer demand and we look forward to serve many lives as possible.



Our initial step was to spread blessed talisman throughout our family members and friends. We saw tremendous positive changes in their lives and we wanted to spread this blessing throughout all human beings. Our passion for higher quality jewelries drove us to source the world's finest materials and craftsmanship. Our hard work, inspiration and higher customer satisfaction has been a crucial factor which turned us to a trusted online store in a short period of time.



We are honored to serve thousands of customers worldwide. We believe that inspiring jewelries with universal energies can add immense value to one's life, and we have come through many examples which proves our beliefs. 



We believe that we need to give in order to receive. Therefore, we love to spread the good news of these beauties of nature and uplift every single life. 



Team Ceylon Kings