Gold-Silver Dichromatic Ring

Made under the hands of supreme craftsmanship with the highest quality Palladium silver (Pd+Ag) and 10ct Gold Stripe. Embedded with 1ct Ruby and 1ct Yellow Sapphire.

Make your special design under the hands of true Professionalism.

Design your Masterpiece now...
Quality Guaranteed!

  • 100% hand-made
  • Palladium silver (Pd+Ag) and 10ct Gold Stripe
  • 1ct Ruby and 1ct Yellow Sapphire
  • Made to ring size
  • 10-14 working days to complete
  • Gem certificate is issued
  • Can customize with any gemstone

Gold improves overall blood circulation and increased oxygen flow to every part of the body. It has been known to help regulate body temperature as well as boost immunity. Gold also helps you to overcome anxiety.

Silver boosts your Immune system, promote internal heat regulation, maintain emotional balance, shields against radiation, heal skin disorders, prevents and kill viruses, supports reproduction, and protects you from Evil eye.

Rubyis rightly the king of gems. It has always been associated with royalty throughout history. It gives mental strength, improves relationships and makes the marital bond stronger, makes you famous and successful, protects you from evil spirits and bad dreams, gives you a luxurious life, and rejuvenates your health condition.

Yellow Sapphirebrings prosperity, makes wearer healthy, brings mental peace, strengthens relationships, helps students to excel in studies and get good results, blesses you with children, removes obstacles in getting married, and gives long life.

 This piece of art can be made according to your Birth Stone.

How Can I order?

Call/WhatsApp : +94 777998478


The above price differs according to the ring size, gold price, and gemstone price.

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