Black Onyx

  • a shield against negative energy.
  • enhances discipline, allowing more ease in following through on goals and completing tasks.
  • helps to make wise decisions.
  • believed to help with issues related to the feet and bone marrow.
  • to provide support in regaining physical strength after an illness.
  • a master of good fortune.
  • shielding you against anything that could bring harm.
  • brings a boost to the immune system.

Tiger's Eye

  • Help transform toxic feelings into more positive ones.
  • empower you to move past fear.
  • build up your courage.
  • overcome fear.
  • balance negative emotional states.
  • create positive mental adjustments.
  • A stone of protection.
  • bring good luck to the wearer.

Lapis Lazuli

  • helps the owner to become spiritually enlightened
  • stimulate the Third Eye and enhance your insight.
  • relieve the anger or negative feelings.
  • control your feelings better.
  • make the relationships stronger
  • balance the mind
  • boost imagination
  • reduce tension in the body


  • boost the immune system
  • regulate body heat
  • act as a shield to prevent electromagnetic radiation from entering the body.
  • brings happiness and is a symbol of prosperity.
  • relax your mind.
  • prevent anxiety. 

    Which hand should I wear?

    • Wear our blessed Talisman on a comfortable hand.
    • Touching the talisman with your skin will transform its energy into your life.

    What is the Dream card?

    This is a special card that reminds you to visualize your goals. Use this dream card correctly to turn your energy towards your dreams to achieve them. We have mentioned the user instructions on the card which can help you to achieve them correctly.


    Made of high-quality Elastic thread.

    • Item Type: Bracelet
    • Bead Size: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
    • Bead Type: Genuine Healing stones
    • Gender: Unisex

    Premium Package Includes

    1. Bracelet
    2. Crystal details card
    3. DREAM card
    4. Blessing Card
    5. Warranty Card
    6. Premium jewelry box
    7. Pouch
    8. Extra stone
    9. Extra thread
    10. User Instructions card


    Why Ceylon Kings?

    • Perfectly Functional, Energized and Blessed talisman.
    • Relieving Fragrance that will always calm your mind with positivity
    • Attractive Original Gemstones
    • 10 Years Warranty for stones and lifetime free in store repair
    • A Breathtaking gift that they’ll never forget
    • Shocking Durability
    • Hand-crafted with Love. That You'll Always Feel
    • Elegant and Unique Look

    Processing and Delivery

      All orders are carefully packed.

      • Processing time: 1-2 days
      • Delivery time: Worldwide: 5-10 days, Sri Lanka: 2-4 days after dispatch