Ring de Carté - Gold Ring

Designed under the hands of finest craftsmanship using 22ct Gold and Natural Blue Sapphire Gems.

Gold has a soothing effect of vibrations on the skin. Therefore, there will be an improvement in overall blood circulation, and increased oxygen flow to every part of the body. Gold jewelry has been known to help regulate body temperature as well as boost immunity. Gold also helps you to overcome anxiety.

Blue Sapphire is the strongest and the fastest acting gemstone of other astrological gemstones. Blue Sapphire shows effects rapidly and the wearer can gain wealth, resolution to a problem, good luck, promotion, and success. It can protect you from the evil eye, jealousy, and clear mental clarity.

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Quality Guaranteed!

  • 100% hand-made
  • 22ct gold and Natural Blue Sapphire gems
  • Pre-order
  • Made to ring size
  • 5-10 working days to complete
  • Gem certificate and gold certificate is issued

How Can I order?

Call/WhatsApp : +94 777 998 478


The above price may according to the ring size, gold price, and gemstone price.

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